Glen Keane Brings Disney Animation Legacy to Oscar Contender ‘Over the Moon’

Great animators are also actors, comedians, and scientists.

They study the way animals move, the flow of long grass, the grace of scudding clouds, the expressions humans make when they are frustrated, hungry, happy, or in love.

And Glen Keane is one of its masters.In the Disney 2D era he was known for drawing fierce creatures like the the terrifying Bear in “The Fox and the Hound,” Willie the Giant in “Mickey’s Christmas,” and Snidely Whiplash villain Rattigan in “The Great Mouse Detective” — and, the fiercely memorable Ariel in “The Little Mermaid.”“I was supposed to do Ursula,” he said on the phone.

“I loved animating power and strength and weight.

I was watching Jodi Benson record with Howard Ashman coaching her, trying to get her to sing from a personal, intimate desire of wanting the impossible, to believe the impossible is possible.

As I watched that, I felt,

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