Global Craft Talent and Locations Elevate Oscar Front-Runners

The art of world building is pushing several international films to the forefront this awards season, and Hollywood has sweeping foreign visuals, borderless below-the-line talent and coveted tax breaks to thank for it.From setting the period in “Belfast,” “Spencer” and “House of Gucci,” to high-action romps in “No Time to Die” and “The Matrix Resurrections,” and arid mastery in “Dune” and “The Power of the Dog,” these overseas productions are expected to be highly recognized at the Academy Awards.“International contenders will only serve to enhance craft categories this year,” says Dana Salston, whose Intrinsic Agency specializes in below-the-line talent.

“International head of departments have been in-demand for 20-plus years, and that is only increasing.

The industry is truly a global marketplace now, and certainly this year has shown a massive increase in the need for international talent.”When it came to filming “Spencer,” the crew knew they would

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