‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Leads Box Office, but the Giant Lizard Is Already in Retreat

Each week, more theaters open, more restrictions fall, and more people travel, eat in restaurants, and visit amusement parks.

Meanwhile, moviegoing remains static.

With no new wide releases the top 10 titles earned about $18 million, for perhaps $20 million total.

Next weekend will be better since Warner Bros.

opens “Mortal Kombat” April 23 (along with its day-and-date HBO Max premiere).“Godzilla vs.

Kong” continued as #1, accounting for more than a third of all admissions.

It stands at $80 million domestic and it will likely it will pass $100 million all while showing for free for HBO Max subscribers.

Worldwide, it is at $390 million in theaters even while missing multiple key markets.

Added revenue from streaming is indirect, measured by new and sustained subscriptions.

With its estimated $165 million budget, along with marketing costs, will the film enter profit? Even with the pandemic constraints, it likely will.The film’s success comes with indications of lack of sustained enthusiasm,

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