‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Trailer: Legendary Movie Monsters Prepare for Ultimate Showdown

Two legendary titans face off in the first trailer for the new movie “Godzilla vs.

Kong.”Released on Warner Bros.’ YouTube channel Sunday morning, the trailer gives viewers their first glimpse at the ultimate showdown between Godzilla and King Kong.

The two exchange blows above the ocean, with Kong knocking Godzilla into the water, only for Godzilla to fire back with his atomic heat beam.The film’s release date was recently moved up to March 26 from May 21 after being moved around multiple times by Warner Bros due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the Christmas Day release of “Wonder Woman 1984,” “Godzilla vs.

Kong” will be one of the next tentpole films that Warner Bros.

will release simultaneously in theaters and on the streaming platform HBO Max.Legendary Pictures, the production company behind “Godzilla vs.

Kong,” initially announced the project in 2015 as a crossover event between the “Godzilla” and “King Kong” franchises.

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