‘Good Omens’: Building the Bromance Between David Tennant and Michael Sheen with a Long Cold Open

As an added bonus, “Good Omens” showrunner Neil Gaiman created a mini-movie cold open at the start of Episode 3 (“Hard Times”) to introduce the bromance through the ages between demon Crowley (David Tennant) and angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen).

For 28 minutes, the Biblical odd couple traipse through Noah’s Ark, The Crucifixion, The Globe Theater, The French Revolution, and more, to fraternize and to rescue one another from dangerous situations.But for production designer Michael Ralph and costume designer Claire Anderson, it provided opportunities to go wild with the historical settings and period wardrobes.

“It was a lot to stitch together and a very interesting journey to try to connect the dots so it all related visually,” said Ralph.

“You only had a minute or two to have an impact and what we had to produce had to be strong enough as an emotional moment.”“They had to appear instantly recognizable

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