Goose’s Death in ‘Top Gun’ Is Maverick’s Fault

1986’s Top Gun is one of today’s most well-loved films.

Starring Tom Cruise and Van Kilmer, the action drama follows naval aviators training at Top Gun.

The action-packed ’80s blockbuster sucked in audiences with its heartthrob lead, cool planes, and high (sexual) tension between characters competing against each other to get to the top of their class.

Audiences even got a sequel in 2022, titled Top Gun: Maverick which brought back our old favorites who starred alongside new faces like Miles Teller and Glen Powell – managing to pull off a great follow-up to the iconic original film.

Top Gun: Maverick introduces Miles Teller’s character as the son of Maverick’s late best friend Goose (Anthony Edwards), Rooster.

This is the crux of the second film – the difficult and strained relationship between Maverick and his best friend’s son who brings up Maverick’s painful past, and ultimately his guilt.

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