Gravel Road Grabs Global Rights for Oscar Nominee Darrell Roodt’s ‘Greytown Girl’ (Exclusive)

Gravel Road Distribution Group has acquired world sales rights with producer Rani Sitaram to “Greytown Girl,” a romantic drama set in Apartheid-era South Africa from Oscar-nominated director Darrell Roodt (“Yesterday”).The film tells the true story of a small-town South African girl, Meena, who was born with physical limitations and abandoned as a baby.

Through her personal bravery she’s able to build a better life, even as her journey of self-realization and self-love unspools against the dramatic backdrop of Apartheid South Africa’s journey toward its first democratic elections.“What I love most about ‘Greytown Girl’ is its authenticity.

You can hear the characters come to life on every page,” said Roodt.

“This is because Meena’s story is a true story, and so are the characters in it.

They are steeped in culture, which provides depth and richness beyond the image.”“I chose to partner with a distributor

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