‘Greenland’ Director Ric Roman Waugh on Action, Emotion and Finishing His Film in Lockdown

Director Ric Roman Waugh’s “Greenland” was originally scheduled to be released in June, but the pandemic changed that — it’s now available on premium VOD.

Waugh, who reunites with “Angel has Fallen” actor Gerard Butler, had not yet finished his post-production when the lockdown happened.Although he had locked picture, there was still a lot to be done — from score to visual effects and coloring.

But secure drives and remote working meant Waugh could finish his film as intended.Waugh broke down how the film came together, and why “Greenland” is more about an emotional narrative of humanity than just pure action.You put this together in lockdown, how did that come together?It was scary at first because I was on the mix stage at Paramount when California shut down.

We were like thieves in the night trying to figure out how to secure drives, knowing we were

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