Grin and bear it: Jared Leto’s Joker gets an unlikely second chance

Zack Snyder’s small-screen Justice League reboot will mark a return for an unloved figure.

Could Leto have the last laugh?There is nothing wrong with an actor returning to a role that someone else has been cheerfully filling for a while, but it doesn’t always go well.

Just ask Sean Connery, who picked up James Bond’s Walther Ppk again in the sub-par Diamonds Are Forever despite George Lazenby having played the role in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service two years earlier.And yet there is something iffy about this week’s news that Jared Leto will play the Joker once again in Zack Snyder’s reworked version of Justice League, which is being brought to the small screen by HBO Max after a fan campaign.

Snyder had to step away from the 2017 superhero ensemble due to a death in the family.

He was replaced by Joss Whedon,

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