‘Gringo’ Review: Nash Edgerton’s Wacky First Studio Film Dulls His Dark Comedy Chops

For his first studio film — and only his second feature in two decades — idiosyncratic Aussie director Nash Edgerton loads up on some of his signatures, including lots of bad guys, tons of twists, and a dark sense of humor.

Unfortunately, his sensibilities are dulled by a sprawling story that never quite snaps together.

Edgerton’s previous feature-length effort, the brutal and brilliant “The Square,” offered up a crime story populated almost exclusively by very bad people, an exercise in how to make even the most vicious of characters impossible to stop watching.

For his “Gringo,” Edgerton adds something new: an actually likable protagonist.Still, it’s not enough to make “Gringo” really pop, and the wacky worldview that Edgerton is so often able to infuse in his works — look no further than his brutally funny and violent short “Spider” for proof of that — never emerges within the confines of his most straightforward comedy to date.

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