Gruesome Twosome Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart Are Cooking Up Something Special This Halloween

There are certain Samhain-centric programs that cover the entertainment industry like a warm knit blanket on a fall afternoon.

The annual Punkin Chunkin competition celebrates “Why not?” ingenuity and winter squash destruction with DIY catapults, cannons, and trebuchets with names like Universal Soldier and Hormone Blaster, hurling pumpkins hundreds of feet across fields.

The oft-anticipated “Treehouse of Horror” episodes in “The Simpsons” always entertain horror heads, while Shudder’s “Ghoul Log” is a moody must in the background while we plan our costumes and watchlists.

Because networks are slowly realizing that our traumatized populace considers baking shows to be self-care, more lighthearted…The post Gruesome Twosome Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are Cooking Up Something Special This Halloween appeared first on /Film.

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