Guillermo Del Toro And Doug Jones Immediately ‘Clicked’ On The Set Of Mimic

Filmmakers tend to have their muses; that one actor within whom they’ve found a creative partner, and whom they work with time and time again.

Martin Scorsese has Robert De Niro, Quentin Tarantino has Samuel L.

Jackson, and Guillermo del Toro has Doug Jones.

Of the 12 films del Toro has directed thus far, Jones has appeared in half of them.

Del Toro is fascinated by good movie monsters, trusting no one but Jones to portray them.While Jones keeps working with del Toro, he puts on a different face each time.

In both the “Hellboy” duology and “The Shape of Water,” he plays an amphibious man.

While Abe Sapien (“Hellboy”) and the Asset (“The Shape of Water”) may look similar, their roles are wildly different.

Abe is a superhero sidekick armed with sly wit, while the Asset is a tight-lipped romantic lead.

Jones’ versatility is apparent even within singular films: in “Pan’s Labyrinth,

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