Guillermo del Toro: It’s the Director’s Duty to Always ‘Exceed the Budget’

As you can imagine, Guillermo del Toro has some unique insights on what it means to be a director.

Speaking to Alec Baldwin as part of the Tribeca Film Festival’s Director Series, he shared one that his financiers might not be especially happy about: “As a director, it is your duty to always responsibly exceed the scope and exceed the budget,” the Oscar winner said.

“If you have enough time and enough money, you’re f—ing up.”Del Toro has worked with a wide range of budgets throughout his career, from $2 million for “Cronos” to $200 million for “Pacific Rim,” and returned a healthy profit more often than not.

That’s especially true of “The Shape of Water,” for which he won both Best Director and Best Picture at the Academy Awards, which earned $195 million against a budget of just $20 million.

Even so, his thoughts on filmmaking remain more

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