Guillermo del Toro’s Secrets to Successful Film Pitch: Pitch For Yourself, Bring the Passion

In a town where a single pitch meeting can make or break a lifelong dream, Guillermo del Toro is among the fortunate whose vision has repeatedly been realized.Though he took home the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars in 2017 for “The Shape of Water,” not all of del Toro’s ideas have been so successful.

Just take a look at the Wikipedia entry “Guillermo del Toro’s unrealized projects.”Del Toro was among the industry creatives who spoke to Syfy Wire for a recent article featuring tips for pitching scripts.

His advice was simple: bring the passion and pitch for yourself.“I find that there is one secret and one secret only to pitching, and it’s exactly the same advice you get when you fail rather than when you succeed at pitching,” del Toro told Syfy Wire.

“I find that I never, ever, ever think of the people listening.

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