Haley Joel Osment on The Sixth Sense: ‘A lot of child actors have a positive experience’

His role as a cherubic 10-year-old with a classic catchphrase made him world famous.

He talks about how he coped with the early attention, working with Kevin Spacey, and why he loves playing bad guysHaley Joel Osment thought he was finished for the day.

It was 1998 and the 10-year-old was shooting The Sixth Sense, directed by M Night Shyamalan.

With 10 minutes left on set, they wanted to squeeze in a short scene.

It required Osment’s terrified character, who, memorably, sees dead people, to confront a bloody ghost.

Osment had to get into the right mindset, fast.

The young actor threw himself against a door, again and again, until he was sufficiently shaken.

“If they’d known I was going to do it, they probably would have stopped me,” he says of Shyamalan and the other adults on set.

“It came to me spontaneously – and I guess it worked.

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