‘Half Brothers’ Review: A Labored Bilingual Buddy Comedy

So many movies intended for the big screen are having to forgo it these days, it seems odd when something as apt for home viewing as “Half Brothers” makes the Covid-defying move of opening on 1,200-plus American screens.

Those looking for undemanding entertainment may give it a passing grade, but or the collective viewing experience.

Nor does writer-producer Eduardo Cisernos’ concept add much to culture-clash politics beyond contrivance and reinforced stereotypes.

It’s a slick film that’s forgettable at best, annoyingly broad and unfunny at worst.A 1994 prologue has engineer Flavio (Juan Pablo Espinosa) enjoying a close, playful relationship with only child Renato (Ian Inigo) in their native San Miguel de Allende.

But a steep economic downturn forces dad to leave his wife (Bianca Marroquin) and son behind in order to seek work up north, along with many others.

While he promises he’ll soon return, that promise is broken.

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