Halloween Kills Trailer: Michael Myers Is Back, Again

If fire or franchise continuity can’t stop Michael Myers, nothing can.

One of the most famous horror antagonists in genre history is back and more fearsome than ever in “Halloween-Kills-2021-movie-posters/”>Halloween Kills.” Many fans thought that 2018’s “Halloween” was a fitting enough end for Laurie Strode and her seemingly never-ending war with The Shape, but the announcement that filmmaker David Gordon Green would be returning to direct two more “Halloween” sequels means we’re not quite done dealing with the collective trauma of the little town of Haddonfield just yet.

With Spooky Season upon us, time is ticking down until “Halloween Kills” hits the big screen (and the small screen, too, thanks…The post Halloween Kills Trailer: Michael Myers is Back, Again appeared first on /Film.

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