‘Halloween’ Magic: How a Slasher Flick Redefined a Genre and Became One of the Decade’s Most Important Films

Exactly 40 years after John Carpenter’s “Halloween” was released in 1978, David Gordon Green released his modern-day sequel to an estimated $75 million opening weekend.

It has the benefit of strong reviews, original star Jamie Lee Curtis’ return to the lead role, and its placement as this year’s holiday horror film release — but it was never just a horror film.

This ultra low-budget slasher flick was one of the most important movies to be released in the 1970s.Among the top-grossing films released in 1978, “Halloween” was no.


However, those that did better — “Grease,” “Superman,” “Animal House,” “Every Which Way You Can,” “Heaven Can Wait,” “Hooper,” “Jaws 2,” “Revenge of the Pink Panther,” and “The Deer Hunter” — may be unfamiliar to anyone 40 or younger.

Even last weekend, which would be week 2,036 of release, “Halloween” remains vital in the public consciousness: It grossed $9,553 last weekend.Adjusted to 2018 prices, the 1978 independent film made $184 million

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