‘Halo’: Everything You Need to Know About the Paramount Plus Video Game Adaptation

The road to getting an adaptation of the popular video game “Halo” to audiences has been an exceedingly long and twisted one.

The game has been captivating audiences since 2001, and since that time Hollywood has been determined to bring the ambitious, intense, large-scale world it created to life.In 2005 plans for a feature film were announced, with “Devs” creator Alex Garland working on a script.

Neill Blomkamp, director of “Elysium,” was slated to helm the film.

But after several delayed starts, then-20th Century Fox Studios and Universal required the production to reduce its budget (one of several big reasons why the series has taken so long.)But as television series have gained both more prestige and the ability to have larger budgets the time seems ripe to finally bring “Halo” to audiences as we’re set to see on Paramount+.

The 10-episode series will take audiences into the 26-century

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