Hans Zimmer on His Original 100-Minute ‘Dunkirk’ Score and Prioritizing the Joker for ‘Dark Knight’ Music

Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan have been collaborating since “Batman Begins” in 2005, carving out a name for themselves as one of the best director-composer partnerships in Hollywood.

Zimmer earned an Oscar nomination for the duo’s last effort, “Dunkirk,” and spoke to the Motion Picture Association of America at Tiff about Nolan’s ambitious initial plan for the original score.“Chris came to me with this idea, basically, ‘Dunkirk’ exists in a [single] piece of music,” Zimmer said.

“The whole movie was originally written as one 100-minute piece of music, which seemed like a really good idea at the time, and nobody had done it before, and then we suffered for our ambition when it came to how are we actually going to make this work.”Zimmer and Nolan ultimately settled on a more traditional film score comprised of several different tracks, but you can still hear the consistency of the

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