‘Harlots’ Star Jessica Brown Findlay on Playing Charlotte Wells: ‘She Changed My Life’

[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the Season 3, Episode 3 of “Harlots.”]The Wells family has endured many hardships on “Harlots,” but now that matriarch Margaret Wells (Samantha Morton) has escaped the hangman’s noose, the outlook seemed far less grim.

Unfortunately, on Wednesday’s episode, the Wells fortunes take a turn for the worse when eldest daughter Charlotte (Jessica Brown Findlay) dies in a tragic accident.While promoting a gala affair/boxing match with her partner Lady Fitz (Liv Tyler), Charlotte sneaks off for a tryst with local pimp and tavern owner Isaac Pincher (Alfie Allen).

Upset for losing out on a business deal, his brother Hal (Ash Hunter) tracks them down to the stairwell and starts pummeling Isaac.

Charlotte tries to stop the fight, but gets accidentally pitched over the balcony railing to her death below.IndieWire spoke with Brown Findlay about the sudden and shocking twist:“Within seconds she goes from being full of life to on the edge of death,

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