Harry Styles Is the Perfect Prince Eric; Why He’d Rock ‘Little Mermaid’ Role

Could Harry Styles be the perfect Prince Eric? One day after the announcement that the One Direction star is “in early negotiations to play the iconic ‘Little Mermaid’ role,” the internet exploded with speculation as to how he would portray the object of Ariel’s affections.“I can see lots of reasons why Harry is perfect,” says actress Maureen Van Zandt.

“Eric is royalty and loves to sail and handle working class duties on the boat.

Harry is pop royalty, but he’s really a boy from a working class background, and I’m sure, like The Beatles, he’d never let go of that.

And, let’s face it, he’s gorgeous – as a fairy tale prince should be.”Here are a few more reasons why Styles would rock the role:He can really act: When Styles auditioned for the role of Alex in Christopher Nolan’s drama, “Dunkirk,

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