Hawkeye Funko Pops And Marvel Legends Figures Revealed

It’s toy time, everyone! Funko and Hasbro Marvel Legends are releasing some “Hawkeye” goodies for you! Now, we’re not getting them until next year, but if you want to buy these for holiday gifts, you could always blame the crazy shipping issues we’re all having right now.

Not that I’m condoning …

forget that.

I’m totally condoning it.

Lie!As you likely know, the Marvel series “Hawkeye” has been streaming on Disney+, and we’re halfway through the season so far, as of this writing.

In last week’s episode, we met Maya Lopez, aka Echo, played by Alaqua Cox.

We saw her at the end of the second episode, but…The post Hawkeye Funko Pops and Marvel Legends Figures Revealed appeared first on /Film.

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