HBO Adds Mental Health Awareness Disclaimers Before ‘Euphoria’, ‘Barry’, and ‘Sopranos’

Starting October 10 — World Mental Health Day — HBO is adding mental health awareness disclaimers, called “bumpers”, to select episodes of its programming, including from shows like “Euphoria”, “Barry”, and “The Sopranos”.

These bumpers will specifically occur before episodes that feature scenes of mental illness, as well as provide the phone number for a mental health hotline (1.833.HBO.Nami) for viewers to call for help with related issues.The bumpers are all part of HBO’s new “It’s Ok” initiative and its aim to raise awareness and destigmatize the conversation surrounding mental health.

According to a statement released by HBO, with It’s Ok, the cable network will “highlight a diversity of characters seen throughout the network’s series whose stories can help to normalize the conversation.”“HBO has always been at the forefront of telling stories featuring complex characters, some of whom deal with mental illness, from ‘The Sopranos to ‘Euphoria,

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