HBO’s The Last of Us Release Window, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know

For its time, The Last of Us was the greatest game ever made.

Almost every facet of the work is finetuned to near perfection.

It pushed the Playstation 3 to its limits with top-of-the-line animation and graphical fidelity that was brought to life by actors and motion capture artists only rivaled by L.A.


A decade later, and The Last of Us has endured as an IP with only one sequel—which outdoes the first in every way.

It’s one of the most beloved stories in gaming despite its grim characters and banal but beautiful setting.

The cinematic direction by Neil Druckman, and the cinematic presentation of the violent skirmishes in-game, make the series perfectly adaptable to film or television.

In fact, Sony announced a film adaptation back in 2014, with Druckman signed on as the writer and Sam Rami producing.

It never saw the light of day—more on that here.

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