‘He Dreams of Giants’ Review: Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote Saga Finally Gets a Happy Ending

Terry Gilliam spent 30 years chasing his passion project and finally completed “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” last year.

The seriocomic saga folded in on itself, as Gilliam seemed to be trapped in his own Quixotic delusion that his ambitious Spanish production would ever be completed.

The first chapter of that struggle was documented in directors Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe’s 2002 “Lost in La Mancha,” which itself became an unfinished story as it captured the forlorn Gilliam through a series of frustrating creative and practical challenges — from ruined sets to injured actors — until the project collapsed.“He Dreams of Giants” completes the narrative, finding Gilliam several decades older but no less committed to his ambitious saga, now starring Jonathan Pryce and Adam Driver in roles that once fell to Johnny Depp and Jean Rochefort.

“Don Quixote” stumbled to the finish line at Cannes last year as its closing-night selection,

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