He Dreams of Giants review – Terry Gilliam’s inspiring La Mancha sequel

Keith Fulton and Lou Pepe have made a compelling follow-up to their 2002 look at the disastrous production of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote“The truth is, I don’t actually like making films,” Terry Gilliam confesses in Keith Fulton and Lou Pepe’s He Dreams of Giants, their second (and better) feature-length look at Gilliam’s creative process.

“It’s not a film, it’s a medical condition,” the director says about The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, which he began developing in 1989, got six days into production in 2000 before he was shut down, then had six other aborted starts before finally getting it done.

“I have to empty my head,” he mumbles later, a faraway look in his eyes and medical tubes coming out of him.

He will either conquer Quixote or Quixote will conquer him.Related: ‘I didn’t have a stroke’: Terry Gilliam on health

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