Hear me out: why More American Graffiti isn’t a bad movie

The latest in our series of writers defending unloved films is a defense of a sequel with more to it than people originally sawAfter Bill L Norton’s More American Graffiti hit theaters in August 1979, Janet Maslin called it “grotesquely misconceived” in the New York Times.

The movie still holds a 20% score on Rotten Tomatoes and, since its release, has been largely forgotten.

But just like 2008 Kentucky Derby race horse Big Truck, More American Graffiti was thrown to the wolves under the guise of a pitiful, boring title and high expectations.

At the box office, the future Oscar-winner Apocalypse Now and the audacious Life of Brian ran the gamut – so More American Graffiti had to be a near perfect sequel in order to outshine its competition sweeping the US.

It wasn’t.Related: Hear me out: why Titan Ae isn’t a bad movie

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