Heather Matarazzo on Leaving the Dollhouse, Meeting the Devil, and Waiting for Her Second Chance

When Heather Matarazzo’s indelible film debut “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” went to the Sundance Film Festival in 1996, the young star didn’t attend.

“I didn’t go,” she told IndieWire during a recent interview.

“Sony wouldn’t pay for me.” Now, it’s hard to imagine a breakout star of Matarazzo’s caliber, let alone the lead of a Grand Jury Prize winner, not being feted in the mountains of Park City.At the time — and, as a tween herself — she wasn’t fazed by the decision on the part of distributor Sony Pictures Classics.

“I didn’t know what a big deal it was,” she said.Matazarro’s performance as Dawn Wiener was a shock to the system.

In Solondz’s pastel-colored New Jersey suburbia, Dawn is a gangly 11-year-old with glasses whose classmates call her “lesbo” and whose teachers chide her for being a “grade grubber.” Matarazzo,

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