‘Hellbound’ Creator Yeon Sang-ho Details Season 2 Plans, Teases Third Zombie Movie in World of ‘Train to Busan’

Netflix’s latest genre offering from Korea, dark sci-fi thriller “Hellbound,” doesn’t waste any time in getting straight to the action.

In the first minutes of the pilot, giant, billowing demons — think The Hulk meets an evil Michelin Man — erupt into the heart of Seoul to torture and scorch to death one of the damned members of the public.That is, literally damned.

The show is set in an alternate reality in which angels appear before individuals who have committed some wrongdoing to tell them of their impending demise.

When the time comes, demons barrel onto Earth to mete out a grisly death sentence.

In their orbit is The New Truth, a cult-like group of individuals that supports the supernatural arbiters of justice, led by insidious grandmaster Jeong Jin-soo.“Hellbound” creator Yeon Sang-ho is perhaps best known internationally to date for acclaimed zombie thrillers “Train to Busan” (2016) and “Peninsula

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