Hellbound: Release Date, Cast, And More

Following the success of “Squid Game,” Netflix is ramping up their K-drama content on the streaming service.

Hellbound” is a South Korean original streaming series directed by Yeon Sang-ho, the director of the critically and fan-acclaimed horror film “Train to Busan.” “Hellbound” premiered at the 2021 Toronto Film Festival in September, becoming the first Korean drama series to make it to the fest.

The rest of us can watch it when all six episodes debut on Netflix in 190 countries around the world on November 19, 2021. Director Yeon Sang-ho and illustrator Choi Kyu-seok co-wrote “Hellbound,” based on Yeon Sang-ho’s webtoon “The Hell,” which had been illustrated by Choi Kyu-seok. “Hellbound” is a series…The post Hellbound: Release Date, Cast, and More appeared first on /Film.

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