‘Hellraiser’ Review: Clive Barker’s S&m Horror Classic Is Cleanly Resurrected

It’s not likely that any review, positive or negative, will effect the reception of the latest “Hellraiser,” now the 11th addition to the cult horror franchise.

Once certain properties attain cult status, its followers will delight in any offering, even if only to fuss over its ranking in the canon.

Based off of Clive Barker’s 1986 novella and originally adapted by Barker in one of the great writer-to-filmmaker transformations, “Hellraiser” belongs to the freaks, punks, and fetishists who saw themselves in the S&m-inspired looks and story of unhinged sexual exploration.Unfortunately, It’s Disney does “Hellraiser,” which — incidentally — is exactly who paid for this latest iteration the classic.Shedding the subtitles like a cenobite’s skin, “Hellraiser” is a 2022 rebirth for the franchise, free of all the sexy subversion that got it here in the first place.

It’s perfectly entertaining, using Barker’s inventive tropes to tell a solidly gory nightmare,

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