Herb Stempel, Whistleblower Who Inspired Robert Redford Film ‘Quiz Show,’ Dies at 93

Herb Stempel, the federal whistleblower who exposed how the NBC game show “Twenty-One” was manipulated for ratings, died last month at the age of 93.

His death was confirmed this weekend by Stempel’s stepdaughter to The New York Times.Stempel’s story was told in the Robert Redford film “Quiz Show,” which starred John Turturro as Stempel and earned five Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

Stempel, an Army veteran attending school on the G.I.

Bill, applied to be on “Twenty-One” and was handpicked by producer Dan Enright to be the star of the show, portrayed as an American underdog making thousands for his family.Stempel was given the answers to questions in advance, winning thousands during his run on the show.Also Read: Anthony James, ‘In the Heat of the Night‘ and ‘Unforgiven‘ Actor, Dies at 77But as ratings began to level off, Enright turned

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