Here’s When And Why Jimmy Made That Fateful Decision In The Better Call Saul Finale

Better Call Saul” has always made an art form out of not showing its hand too soon.

It’s a show that rewards patience, not just when it comes to overarching plots and character development, but with specific scenes and episodes, too.

Often, chapters will open with con man lawyer Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) or fixer Mike (Jonathan Banks) working on a detail-oriented task that will only much later be revealed as part of a grand plan, the likes of which we never could’ve guessed.

The series finale employs a similar structure, circling around its center point without revealing it until — in keeping with the grand tradition of the legal drama — the truth comes out during a climactic courthouse moment.In the end, Jimmy reveals himself to be a better man than audiences worried he might be.

He’s capable of selfish and criminal acts, sure, but when the plan he’s

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