Here’s Where You Can Watch Avatar On Broadcast TV Ahead Of The Way Of Water

With “Avatar-The-Way-of-Water-2022-movie-posters/”>Avatar: The Way of Water” primed to be the biggest movie of the holiday season, it’s natural that folks will want to reacquaint themselves with the sci-fi epic that started it all.

The theatrical re-release of James Cameron’s 4K remaster a few months back not only proved that there is still an audience for this movie, but it also bumped it up a notch in the record books.

For about a decade, the 2009 sci-fi adventure held the mantel of the highest grossing movie of all time, until “Avengers: Endgame” dethroned it.

The Chinese re-release last year, along with the 2022 remaster, snatched it back, taking the film’s global box office intake to 2.9 billion.As much as folks on the internet bemoan that “Avatar” has no lasting cultural impact, the receipts say otherwise.

Cameron’s film was one of those cases where people who rarely go to the movies came out

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