Here’s Why Jamie Kennedy Ended Up Starring in Anti-Abortion Film ‘Roe v. Wade’

Scream” star and ’90s icon Jamie Kennedy plays abortion-rights advocate Larry Leder in the newly opened “Roe v.

Wade,” Cathy Allyn and Nick Loeb’s anti-abortion propaganda film that unpacks the “conspiracy” that led to one of the most famous court cases of all time.

Kennedy said he didn’t fully understand the film’s anti-abortion bent until production was under way.

As he told The Daily Beast in a new interview, he was lured to the film because of its star power — namely, in the form of Jon Voight and Stacey Dash, among others.“In Hollywood, a lot of people were talking about this movie, and first and foremost, I’m an actor.

I act,” Kennedy said.

“I’ve worked with Jon Voight twice before, and he’s one of the greatest actors ever.

I thought it was an important story, and to be honest, I got offered the role.

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