Here’s Why People Say Vincent D’Onofrio Is the Og Thor

Kudos to Chris Hemsworth! He deserves all the credit for making the great Norse superhero Thor come to life on the big screen in the MCU.

We’re not about to take anything away from the Aussie with the great jawline and headful of lustrous golden locks.

He has made the son of Odin and brother of Loki one of the biggest stars of film over the last dozen or so years.

But, it isn’t as if he is the first to wield the hammer, Mjolnir, and harness the power of lightning in order to battle the forces of evil from all over the universe.

In fact, there is another performer who is known by true fans of the superhero as being the Og Thor.

Some 26 years ago, Vincent D’Onofrio, the talented star of such grotty and hard-hitting films like Full Metal Jacket, The Cell, and The Magnificent Seven made a

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