‘High Fidelity’ Soundtrack: The Story Behind Songs from Season 1 of the Hulu TV Show

[Note: The following contains music-based spoilers for Season 1 of “High Fidelity.”]It would have been very easy for the Hulu adaptation of “High Fidelity” to stick to a narrow set of musical ideas to help tell its story.

But at the end of the show’s opening season, not only did series co-creators Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka look back on a show that had stretched its musical taste in a number of different directions, it had done so on a global scale.“These people sit in a record store all day every day.

They’re listening to everything.

To make it feel like there’s one genre of music or, or one time period of music that is all that we’ve listened to, would feel inauthentic,” West told IndieWire.

“It was very cool that at the end of the season, we had a song from every single continent.”The search for far-reaching songs spanning time zones around the world — “except Antarctica,

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