Hillary Clinton Ruminates on Her Legacy with ‘Hillary’ Director Nanette Burstein

It only took 50 years in the spotlight, 2000 hours of behind-the-scenes footage from her 2016 Presidential Election campaign, and 35 hours of intensive one-on-one interviews to answer one of the most enduring mysteries of modern American history: Who is Hillary Clinton?It turns out, she’s exactly who she said she was.The specifics of why Clinton is perceived the way she is and how her interaction with the press and public has shaped her behavior — creating an ouroboros of feedback and adjustment that would haunt her entire political career — form the center of Nanette Burstein’s brilliant Hulu documentary series “Hillary.” The four-part series has done the heavy lifting for audiences.

In candid conversations, Clinton herself unpacks her own life as framed by history.But while it’s impossible to capture the full nuance of how Clinton’s life intersects with the course of American history, as well as how it has shaped public perception of her,

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