Hollywood Companies Work Around Coronavirus Amid Travel Bans, Office Closures

As panic roils mainland China and fear escalates throughout globe over the spread of coronavirus, Hollywood studios and content production companies are ramping up their efforts to respond to the human and economic impact of a potential pandemic.This past Tuesday, as Sony Pictures Entertainment shook off its Oscar hangover from wins for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” “Little Women” and Matthew Cherry’s “Hair Love,” a note went out from human resources apprising staff of the Japanese-owned studio of the latest travel restrictions and best practices from the World Health Organization and the Cdc.“The coronavirus outbreak continues to impact populations around the world and news is rapidly changing each day,” a memo obtained by Variety read.Business travel to, from or within the Asia Pacific region was to be postponed, said the memo, and employees should consider video conferences or other alternatives in the interim.

International travel was otherwise permitted,

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