‘Home Front’ Director Lucas Belvaux on Tackling Trauma Head On

With 2017’s “This Is Our Land,” director Lucas Belvaux examined the ways in which far right movements attract, recruit and reformat new converts, curdling contemporary anxieties for acrid political goals.

With his follow-up, “Home Front,” the Franco-Belgian auteur explores the roots of those prejudices.Adapted by Belvaux from Laurent Mauvignier 2009 novel “The Wound,” the film follows two working-class cousins as they fulfil their colonial military duties in 1960s Algeria and as they nurse their scars and traumas in Burgundy of 2003.

While the more cerebral Rabut has tried to forge ahead, his cousin Bernard remains a livewire, looking for any provocation to snap back into violence.

Local draw Catherine Frot rounds out the cast.Produced by Synecdoche and Artemis Productions, the Cannes-labeled project is screening at Ventana Sur.

The Party Film Sales in partnership with Wild Bunch International are handling global sales, while local distributor Ad Vitam will release the title

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