‘Hooking Up’: Film Review

An elementary school classroom may seem an odd place to launch a romantic comedy that soon finds its protagonists coupling with abandon in a slew of quasi-public spaces.

But in the rom-com “Hooking Up” — available digitally and on demand — that’s precisely where magazine writer Darla emerges from, having had an afterschool special with a stranger on a teeny desk.Then again, a school proves perhaps too apt a location.

There’s a rudimentary feel to “Hooking Up,” which stars Brittany Snow and Sam Richardson as a twosome who embark on a road trip with benefits.

Genres often provide refuge to first-time feature filmmakers.

Director Nico Raineau and co-writer Lauren Schacher hug the familiar beats of the form while rubbing up against its conventions with some naughty, sometimes endearing tweaks.That school turns out to be a busy one.

There’s a sex addiction group in one room and a cancer survivors’ gathering in another.

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