House Of Gucci Scribe Roberto Bentivenga On The Key Revelation That Shaped His Ending

Some might consider watching biopics and other “based on a true story” movies to have a built-in downside, given that we generally know the ins and outs of these infamous stories and how they’re fated to end.

These individuals, sadly, are missing out on gems like the Pablo Larraín’s Princess Diana film “Spencer” and, most recently, Ridley Scott’s “House of Gucci.” Chronicling the story of the absurdly rich Gucci family and the empire they built selling designer fashion, Scott and screenwriters Roberto Bentivegna and Becky Johnston found an immensely entertaining way to bring audiences into the privileged life of Maurizio Gucci (Adam…The post House of Gucci Scribe Roberto Bentivenga on the Key Revelation That Shaped His Ending appeared first on /Film.

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