House Of The Dragon Proves Intimacy Coordinators Make Sex Scenes Better

This post contains spoilers for all of “House of the Dragon” so far.There was a lot of sex in “Game of Thrones,” but most of it wasn’t very sexy.

The series became notorious for its depictions of sexual assault and regularly demeaning its female characters, but “House of the Dragon” seems to be trying to correct those issues.

In the prequel series based on George R.


Martin’s “Fire & Blood,” sex scenes have narrative purpose and are shot with real care.

It’s a huge step up from “Game of Thrones,” where many sex scenes just involved a woman bent over with someone humping behind her.

There was plenty of skin, and plenty of skin slapping against skin, but most of it just felt unnecessary.

Even scenes in the books that were written to be sensual, like Cersei and Jaime in the Sept of Baelor after the death of Joffrey,

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