How Accurate Is Drug Trafficking In TV Shows Like Breaking Bad?

In Hollywood, everything is not what it seems.

The camera is only a reflection of the reality filmmakers put in front of it, therefore, specific experiences portrayed beyond the cast and crew’s reach can sometimes be quite flawed.

While the addictive thrill of a “Criminal Minds” episode starring enigmatic TV character actors may come off as smart, real law enforcement professionals might have other opinions.That’s why Vanity Fair interviewed Craig Chretien, a retired Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent, and had him analyze a selection of drug trafficking scenes from popular film and TV to share his findings.

Chretien’s observations shined light on the mildly true to the absurdly false, so how does the portrayal of drug trafficking in film and TV stack up to the real thing?There Are Degrees Of Truth In Even The Most Accurate ShowsEarly on in the video, Chretien credits “The Wire” as one

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