How ‘Finding You’ Composers Crafted an Irish Musical Landscape

With the script for Brian Baugh’s “Finding You” (in theaters May 14) centering around violinist Finley (Rose Reid) traveling to the Irish coast for a semester, composer Kieran Kiely couldn’t help but say yes to the opportunity since music was part of the storyline.In this coming-of-age story, Finley searches for herself, discovers her passion for music and finds unexpected romance with Jedidiah Goodacre’s Beckett Rush.Kiely collaborated with fellow composer Timothy Williams and together they navigated their way across continents to build the film’s source music and score amid a pandemic.How did you divide the music work on the film?Kieran Kiely: We had to do a lot of work in advance of the filming because the whole film is all about music; she’s a fiddler, there’s the music we hear in the pub, the music Seamus (Patrick Bergin) teaches her, and there’s the score.

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