How ‘Invisible Man’ Composer Benjamin Wallfisch Wrote a Musical Love Letter to ‘Psycho’

When Benjamin Wallfisch learned that he was going to compose the score for the 2020 reboot of “The Invisible Man,” he deliberately stayed away from rewatching the 1933 original.

The goal, he says, was “to keep the sound as fresh as possible.”Director Leigh Whannell showed Wallfisch the film with no temp music as all, with the idea that he didn’t want something with wall-to-wall scoring.

Wallfisch, who has composed scores for “Blade Runner 2049,” “Hidden Figures” and “Shazam,” found it unusual to view a film that way, but ultimately found it helped in the approach he took to composing.

“We wanted to use silence rhythmically,” Wallfisch explains.

“We made bold musical gestures, so that the absence of music is something you feel.”Whannell created a film that is stressful to watch as Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) tries to escape from her menacing monster.

While she’s reassured by her sister (Harriet Dyer) and good friend James,

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