How Jared Leto Used Prosthetics to Become a Balding Fashion Scion in ‘House of Gucci’

From the moment the “House of Gucci” trailer was released, Jared Leto’s transformation from svelte, long-haired actor to pudgy, balding fashion designer Paolo Gucci has been the talk of the film world.Leto’s Paolo is the family black sheep — a dreamer with a vision that deviates from the fashion house’s tasteful colors and designs.

Hours of makeup each day went into Leto’s look for the Ridley Scott movie, which hits theaters Nov.


The concept began with prosthetics designer Göran Lundström, who worked off a 3D scan without having met the actor.

“I didn’t know his hair color, his hairline and skin tone,” explains Lundström, who had just three weeks to prepare.Instead, Lundström relied on pictures and videos of Leto: “He had so much hair — thick hair and a low hairline.” The designer started piecing together a puzzle that included a three-piece bald cap that

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