How John Wick Went From a Low-Budget Action Movie to a Mega-Franchise

There’s really no way to overstate how big John Wick: Chapter 4 was in its domestic box office launch.

Scoring the first $50+ million opening for an R-rated movie in North America since the Covid-19 pandemic began, this newest John Wick installment left all other entries in the franchise in the dust.

These and countless other box office achievements of this new John Wick movie are a testament to just how immensely popular this franchise has become since the saga started in 2014.

The modern-day popularity of everything related to John Wick just makes the humble origins of this franchise all the more fascinating.

John Wick didn’t just start out as an underdog, it began life as a seemingly throwaway action movie that would vanish as quickly as it hit theaters.

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