How ‘Love and Monsters’ Became the Dark Horse in the Visual Effects Oscar Race

Love and Monsters,” the post-apocalyptic, sci-fi comedy about giant mutants, has become the surprise dark horse in the Visual Effects Oscar race.

That’s because it was a standout at the virtual bake-off.

“The spirit of the award should go to ‘Love and Monsters,’” said one anonymous voter.

“It was fun, entertaining, well done, and relied on VFX to sell and create the experience.”It certainly helped that “Love and Monsters” evoked the spirit of legendary Ray Harryhausen in the design of the giant creatures.

“We had broad stroke personality traits for each creature [from director Michael Matthews], and that’s where the animation team went to work,” said production VFX supervisor Matt Sloan.In “Love and Monsters,” Joel (Dylan O’Brien of “The Maze Runner”) emerges from seven years of underground isolation after a monster apocalypse and on a quest to find his girlfriend (Jessica Henwick) survives a series of creature

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